About Us

What we do

Ecoat is an advanced industrial surface treatment for metal components and is the standard for corrosion protection in today’s automotive industry and is specified in many applications from tools to furniture.

It uses electric current to deposit a controlled thickness coating uniformly on all surfaces internal and external. Using a zinc phosphate pre-treatment, our process can withstand up to 1000 hours saltspray test.

Our line is highly automated with excellent productivity and low operating costs. Our own laboratory checks maintain tight process controls in harmony with our ISO6001:2008 certification.

The Ecoat process is specified in industry by several different names, all of which have the same meaning - Electrocoating, Electropainting, Ecoating, Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD), Kathodische Tauchlackierung (KTL), EP coating, Cathodic Dip Painting (CDP) and Electrodeposition.

Our Team

With combined experience in our field of over 80 years and a background of the automotive industry, we have a deep understanding of our processes as well as experience of our customers environment of press working and metal fabrication.

Our Quality Systems have been developed alongside our process engineering diciplines. We can offer secondary operations and sub-assembly, we are versatile in this developing our own fixtures and equipment. Efficient, technically sound and competitive. Fast, efficient and disciplined in all the quality and just-in -time demands of the modern industry.


About Us

We are Ireland’s most experienced and technically advanced electrophoretic facility.

With the very highest quality standards, our work goes all over Europe to many large OE manufacturers inc automotive.


Ecoat Ireland Limited.
Unit 13 Blaris Industrial Estate, Altona Road
Co. Antrim
BT27 5QB, N.Ireland
P: (44) 2892 604798
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